Tuesday, 19 August 2008

VA - Attica Blues Present Drum Major Instinct

Charlie & Tony compiled this great comp a few years back now but it's only just recently been back on my headphones again. I love the feeling you get when you haven't listened to an album you've had for ages and are surprised by a tune you hadn't really 'got' or listened to properly the first time round for whatever reason. The opening Pal Joey track on here is definately one of those for me that I've re-discovered. Plenty more quality tracks on here as well though. Anyone know if X:Treme records is still going?

01 Pal Joey - Drum Major Instinct
02 O.C. - Times Up
03 Gangstarr - The ? Remains
04 Jamose - The Rhymthologist
05 Innershade - Operator (Attica Blues Remix)
06 Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest
07 NY House'n Authority - Apt 3a
08 Imagination - Burning Up (Dub)
09 DSM - Warrior Groove
10 Corrina Joseph - Lonely
11 No Smoke - Koro Koro
12 Maurice Fulton - In My Mind
13 Nuspirit Helsinki - Orson
14 Spirit - Ice

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Anonymous said...

Been looking for this for years. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Got this on vinyl, so it'll be interesting to hear it mixed.
The house stuff they chose was great.

Daniel said...

Hi, any chance to reupload this gem? thanks in advance!