Thursday, 30 April 2009

Future Boogie

Been on this sorta vibe this week, particularly feeling the recent Dam-Funk EP a lot, in fact all of his stuff- can't wait for the LP. Silkie's forthcoming 'Purple Love' tune on Deep Medi is also massive with me at the mo. Quite a few other bits in fact but will wait for 'proper' release dates so can do a slightly bigger/better post, these three will have to do for now. Turn 'em up.
First Touch - Pleasure For Your Treasure (Download LP)

Friday, 24 April 2009


Here's three which have been sounding big on the office stereo + put me in a good mood for the forthcoming (hopefully sunny) weekend here in London town. Hope everyone has a good one planned.

Downtown Party Network - Days Like These (Radio Edit) (Buy)

Tony Lionni - Found A Place (Buy)

The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (Buy)

Thursday, 23 April 2009

James Mason

Coincidentally recently heard both of these again after a very long time and they still blew me away, just as they did the first time I heard them years ago. Most people who read this blog are probably already well familiar but for anyone who hasn't heard them in a while or never rarely gets much better than this in my humble opinion.

James Mason - I Want Your Love (1996)

James Mason - Sweet Power Your Embrace (1977)

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

We Are Family

The below also reminded me of this badboy that's been getting repeated plays by me lately, especially sounding extra good in this great weather for some reason. 'You're A Friend To Me' from the same LP (& as most famously sampled by Quiet Village) has also been sounding particularly good again too. The don's Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers on production duties.

Sister Sledge - Easier To Love (1979)

Nicole - New York Eyes (1985)

For all the soul pirate crews. Sounded amazing in the sunshine today.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


VA - Ten (Vol. 2)

01 Seiji - Ravin A
02 Fare Soldi - Dolo Boys
03 Friend - Secret
04 Atlantic Conveyor - We Are
05 Balihu - Free Lovin' (Housedream)
06 Osborne - Fire
07 Lukas Nystrand And The Ageema Blues - Knivar
08 Black Science Orchestra - Philadelphia (Party Mix)
09 Charles Webster - Ready (Herbert's Steady Dub)
10 Rufus & Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody (Hallocinogenik Version)

pass: simplygoodmusic

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Minimal Banger

Another heard on Deviation recently, not gonna be for everyone this one but I really like it. In the right setting + on the right system = massive tune in my humble opinion.


Here's another promo track that I'm admittedly very late on posting but better late then never eh. Get quite a few through but this stood out from the pile when I first heard it. He's already been getting plenty of hype everywhere and impressed by everything I've heard from him so far. Here's a link to a decent interview, not too sure about his choice of Fifa & Arsenal though, ha. Also check out his myspace page for more info & tracks. Very much looking forward to his LP.

Kwes - Hearts In Homes

Tonight's Today

Jack PeƱate - Tonight's Today

Now that Benji B & a few others are playing it I suppose it's 'acceptable' to post :p Should've gone with my gut instinct when I first heard the promo. Check out the extended mix which is pretty easy to find online. Best 'pop' tune of 2009 so far?