Sunday, 27 July 2008

VA - Relics - A Transmat Compilation

'Far superior to its vinyl counterpart, the CD version of Relics adds numerous full-length tracks and intervals that were not included on the (often bootlegged) vinyl version. Regarded by many not only as one of the definitive Detroit techno comps, but also as one of the greatest releases electronic music has ever known. The best versions of "Wiggan" and "Strings of Life" are right here. The Carl Craig intros and tracks sound as if they were beamed to the early nineties from the very distant future....often imitated & never duplicated brilliance.' & 'Detroit at its finest. Many hard to find rarities sit alongside more common tracks, all of them linked trough small pieces courtesy of Derrick May, give to this compilation a true album feel, that you want to listen to from start to finish in one go. Beautiful soundscape and darker grooves alternate perfectly. This music comes from (what was at the time, 1987-92) one of the hardest cities in the world, yet I put it on myself to escape unpleasant realities.' Two short but concise reviews on discogs which sum it up really.

1 Long Ago - A Relic
2 Derrick May - Interval 1
3 Rhythim Is Rhythim - Beyond The Dance (Re-Mix)
4 Derrick May - Interval 2
5 BFC - Evolution
6 Derrick May - Interval 3
7 Long Long Ago - Another Relic
8 Derrick May - Interval 4
9 Model 500 - Info World
10 Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings Of Life (Unreleased Mix)
11 Derrick May - Interval 5
12 Mayday - Wiggan (Re-mix)
13 Psyche - Intro Crackdown (Re-mix Part 1)
14 Psyche - Intro Crackdown (Re-mix Part 2)
15 Psyche - Intro Crackdown (Re-mix Part 3)
16 Psyche - Crackdown (Re-mix)
17 Derrick May - Interval 6
18 Mayday - MS6
19 Derrick May - Interval 7
20 Rhythim Is Rhythim - The Dance
21 Derrick May - Interval 8
22 Suburban Knight - The Art Of Stalking
23 Derrick May - Interval 9
24 Longer Than Long Ago - A Relic
25 Derrick May - Interval 10
26 Rhythim Is Rhythim - Drama
27 Suburban Knight - The Groove

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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

VA - Cosmo Baker Mixes

Apologies for the short post but just thought I'd quickly share a few quality Cosmo Baker mixes which have soundtracked my day today. Just click the links to be re-directed to the links/tracklistings. Starting with my favourite of the bunch:
Feeling Good Mix
Love Break Mix
Too Much Posse Mix + some others
+ many more to purchase here

Saturday, 19 July 2008

VA - Morgan Geist Presents Unclassics

Great mix CD from the Environ boss which is an excursion through obscure electronic funk and disco from 1978-1985. Featuring rare cuts from A. Robotnick, Plastic Mode, Gaz Nevada, Zodiac & many more. Wicked artwork by Julian Morey (Factory Records, Hacienda) as well. Read a much better review about it here. As ever, if you like what you hear, please try & purchase the CD/Vinyl/MP3 etc.

01 Untro
02 Discotheque - Disco Special
03 Zodiac - Pacific
04 Pluton and The Humanoids - World Invaders
05 Unrhythm Trax - Humanoid Beat
06 Margueritas - Maguerita (Hot Edit)
07 Eurofunk - Manshortage (Eli-173 Edit)
08 Victor - Go On Do It (Radio Version)
09 Plastic Mode - Baja Imperial
10 Dance Reaction - Disco Train (Morgan Geist Caboose Mix)
11 Purple Flash Orchestra - Freedom Now (Break Edit)
12 Purple Flash - We Can Make It
13 Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Female Version)


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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

88-Keys - Wasting My Minutes Ft. Kid Cudi

Yeah, I'm a bit late on 88 Keys, every other blog in the world has posted it already etc. But this particular track! All I'll say is I'm sure I'm not the only one who is/can really relate to it... Get the rest of his mixtape here . Think his forthcoming LP 'Death of Adam' is being executively produced by Kanye West so it could turn out shite, maybe great or most likely a combination of both, some great tracks mixed with a lot of fillers - can only wait & see. Believe he's also playing Plastic People on the 29th this month, might see some of you down there...

88-Keys - Wasting My Minutes Feat Kid Cudi

Monday, 7 July 2008

The Jacksons - Living Together (Tribute To Ron & Bill Hardy Version)

As requested and since it's been around on the net for ages anyway, here's the superb Julien Love edit of Living Together. The original Gamble & Huff produced track appeared on the self titled 1976 LP 'The Jacksons'. Check out some more quality edits & mixes by Mr Love here. One of the funkiest tunes you'll come across. Ever.

The Jacksons - Living Together (Tribute To Ron & Bill Hardy Version)

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

VA - Tigersushi Presents More G.D.M.

' The ‘More G.D.M.' series is an eye-opening multi-genre compilation from French label cum website, Tigersushi. There have already been five vinyl EPs in the series, but this compilation pulls together their entire contents plus five exclusive bonus tracks. The idea behind the series is that it brings to light quality electronica cuts of yesteryear and sets them alongside the musical works of contemporary visionaries. German artist Gina X's 80s offering, ‘No G.D.M.' (that's ‘No Great Dark Man') - forms the title track. The punk-electro march with Gina's Germanic-android vocal was (perhaps unsurprisingly), a favourite at New York's infamous Danceteria club way back in 1981. Then there's Bush Tetras' mad Banshees-style guitar track, ‘Things That Go Boom in the Night', Max Berlin (the French underground's own Barry White), with ‘Elle et Moi' and even Seven Grand Housing Authority's 90s feel good US house track ‘Love's Got Me High' which all stand out. In fact, the retro element here has a lot more to offer than the contemporary – save for French act Alice Machine with seedy electro offering ‘Night Hunt', nu wave tech house bod, John Tejada - who adds a smattering of dub with ‘Present Pretense' - and the Tigersushi Bass System featuring Jamalski, which warns of a dangerous “funk invasion” while detonating its own hip hop/electro explosives. Pretentious? Well, it does have a tendency to go off the deep end in places; Silver Apples ‘Salad' cacophony and Tokow Boys insane juvenile ditty ‘Swinging Pool' had me scratching my head and looking up “post modernism” in the dictionary, but in general this is a great collection of obscure goodies.'

01 Gina X - No G.D.M.
02 Metro Area - We Also Not
03 Maurice Fulton - Feel The Same
04 Silver Apples - Salad
05 Bush Tetras - Things That Go Boom In The Night
06 Alice Machine - Night Hunt
07 Tokow Boys - Swinging Pool
08 Max Berlin - Elle Et Moi
09 Chapter three - Smurf Trek
10 T.B.S Feat Jamlski - Extraterrestrial Manoeuvres In...
11 Shalark - Shalade (Salad Remix)
12 Material - Secret Life
13 S.G.H.A - Love's Got Me High
14 John Tejada - Present Pretense
15 Cluster - Hollywood

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