Sunday, 28 September 2008

No Rhyme...

In my current mood of lethargic laziness, embedding youtube links is just about all I can manage. Here's a couple of random tracks I've been listening to. No real reason behind any of them except one kinda reminded me off another & so forth...In fact, theres no real reason behind this post. Don't panic though, 'proper posts' & more comps soon come.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Friday Roule

Went through a box of old records last night and came across a bunch of Roule stuff which I haven't listened to for years, brought back a lot good memories. Will try to rip some of the better stuff when I get round to it but heres some classic's from good ol youtube in the meantime. Anyone else think they still sound pretty good? or is it just me reminiscing & having a soft spot for them :p

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

VA - Black Cock Edits

As requested. Don't know too much about this except for DJ Harvey and Black Cock Edits written on the front of the cdr. Have no idea when or who compiled it. Obviously some sort of bootleg since you can hear the vinyl recordings and it overlapping into the next tracks in some cases. Who knows if they are even all Black Cock related? 11 of them here anyway. Heres a copy & paste job from Harvey's site about Black Cock: 'Gerry and Harvey together are responsible for the highly influential and collectible Black Cock records. The labels' releases are known as foundations for the resurgence of "left field," "warehouse" and "garage" type of music. Black Cock was like a voice in the wilderness when it started up in the early 1990s, as it was very unique and forward-thinking for its era. The dance music world of that time was at a crossroads. Disco dub & techno just starting to be heard out at the disco more, but the Black Cock records were edits reaching a bit deeper into "cosmic," "Balearic" & were just a little more fucked up sounding than the others. The records have had everything and anything appear in their mysterious grooves -- disco re-edits inspired by original tape edits from house music pioneers such as Larry Levan and Ron Hardy; strange sound effects and dialogue; to heavy, spacey drum breaks and samples.While gaining a reputation for being more "out there" than most, at the same time Black Cock was still fun and kept a more tongue in cheek attitude - from it's name, on down to the humorously titled tracks, credits, and logo mascot. However, it might be said that the label was so unique and advanced at one point that in fact, many distributors were unable to move copies and resorted to throwing hundreds of unsold records in the trash bin! Whoops! Fast forward ten or more years and now these elusive slices of sonic mayhem change hands between mania collectors and regularly fetch over hundreds of dollars easily on internet auction sites, as well as stylistically paving the way for a slew of imitators. These days it's not hard to browse thru a glut of modern "left field" "cosmic" "balearic" or "disco dub" re-edits at any well-stocked dance music store, a market that just wouldn't exist if Black Cock hadn't paved the way.' If anyone can id any, provide a tracklist, or even confirm if they are indeed Harvey/Black Cock related, would be appreciated.

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Friday, 5 September 2008

VA - James Pants Presents Ice Castles

As requested and since it's still sitting on my desktop coincidentally, here it is in double quick time for once. Still not too sure about his LP 'Welcome' but this mix is right up my street.
Proper weird, spaced out, electronic, experimental sounds of the highest order. Highly recommended.
01 James Pants/Brian Eno/United States Of America — Ice Castles Intro
02 Godiego — Monkey Magic
03 Dick Hyman — Minotaur
04 Mort Garson/More Jive Rhythm Trax — Concerto for Philodendron & Pothos
05 Racines Synthetiques — Asteroide
06 Yellow Magic Orchestra — Behind The Mask
07 Weather Report — River People
08 Ardy, The Painter Of Love — Pregnant Rainbows For Colourblind Dreamers
09 Tonoto's Exploding Head Band — Cybernaut
10 Mort Garson — Swingin' Spathaphyllums
11 Bruce Haack — Moonlight and Roses
12 Patrick Gleeson — Unacceptable Dance Styles
13 Patrick Gleeson — La Grange Point Five
14 Tangerine Dream — Bent Sidewalk
15 Neil Norman — Phantom Planet
16 Arthur Brown — Triangles
17 Ralph Lundsten — Robbie Is Dancing The Waltz
18 James Pants / Yutaka — Ice Castle Outro

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