Friday, 19 September 2008

Friday Roule

Went through a box of old records last night and came across a bunch of Roule stuff which I haven't listened to for years, brought back a lot good memories. Will try to rip some of the better stuff when I get round to it but heres some classic's from good ol youtube in the meantime. Anyone else think they still sound pretty good? or is it just me reminiscing & having a soft spot for them :p


jopparelli said...

Sure they still sound good!

Excellent choice!

big up for your site man, keep on!


dark jazzor said...

Thanks for the comment, am glad it's not just me feeling them too :)

Your blog deserves to be linked to. Great selections on it!

Anonymous said...

Bob Sinclair did that remix!? wtf happened to him since then! 'World Hold On' is a fucking monstrosity. That is class however. I need to delve deeper me thinks...

Rogi said...

Roulé Rulezzzzzzzzz!!!!!

and iéah, bob sinclair used to make some good stuff....but i think he prefers the $$$$$..heheheh

Toilet said...

Yes yes, I used to love the roule releases in the late 90s and they still sound good today.

Didn't Sinclar and Bangalter fall out over that Jane Fonda record and Sinclar hasn't been any good since?

Loving the blog!