Friday, 24 April 2009


Here's three which have been sounding big on the office stereo + put me in a good mood for the forthcoming (hopefully sunny) weekend here in London town. Hope everyone has a good one planned.

Downtown Party Network - Days Like These (Radio Edit) (Buy)

Tony Lionni - Found A Place (Buy)

The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (Buy)


Jonathan said...

Seriously my favorite blog on the planet. Always quality. Thank you.

mostrue said...

You guys are killing me! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Had never heard of Downtown party network before, i purchased today thanks to your introduction. Already owned other 2 tunes... they are all awesome tunes though. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

You always have super albums! But please share them on rapidshare, cuz mediafire is not accessble here..

darkjazzor said...

thanks for the comments & kind words, always appreciated. glad people are enjoying the music.

nice site btw jonathan, do you work for ghostly by any chance then?

kris said...

holy coww...this blog is amazing!!! u guys rock!! seems to be the consensus so i guess im jumping on the wagon...but damnnnn!!!

Jonathan said...

Thanks for the return compliment! I do work for them - largely on a freelance basis. I'm a web designer. Are you a fan?

darkjazzor said...

Am indeed, feeling your blog & design as well. Cheers for showing appreciation for the posts & taking the time to comment (likewise everyone else above) , glad people are enjoying some of the music.

eda said...