Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Re-Up (Gang)

Don't normally do re-ups but made an exception for Jacksoul - quality track and I know its hard to get hold of. Obviously the Sade/Terje one people were having problems with so hopefully this new link should work. Let me know if theres anymore that are playing up. In fact I don't mind re-upping a couple of older tracks people might have missed first time round but no album re-up requests please.

Todd Terje vs Sade - I Never Thought I'd See Glittertind

Jacksoul - Unconditional Love


Jimmy said...

have to say youre running a fantastic blog here, keep up the fab work!

Anonymous said...

nice blog indeed, love the tod terje track, has a sensual touch..

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Jacksoul - Unconditional Love mp3, I got this record when it came out many many moons ago. This is one serious SOUL JAMMY!!! I would often start my sets out with this when i played out in sf, MUCH RESPECT!! :-)