Sunday, 31 August 2008

Pat Metheny Sunday

Three of my favourite Metheny related tracks (ideal background music for reading the Sunday papers to I find...) , but probably his most well known ones too. I'm sure many of you knowledgeable readers are much more familiar with his vast array of work than me, so what other albums and particular featured tracks of his should I be checking out? (obviously apart from the 3 lp's these are taken from) Any recommendations would be very welcome.

Pat Metheny Group - Slip Away

Pat Metheny Group - Are You Going With Me?

Steve Reich/Pat Metheny - Electric Counterpoint (Fast - Movement 3)


Anonymous said...

thank you for introducing me to his music. i have had electric counterpoint on repeat all day! beautiful stuff. cheers

dark jazzor said...

no problem! yeah, electric counterpoint is almost hypnotic.

where's the other recommendations people? :)

Kavster said...

That Slip Away track was remixed by Nick Holder called Summerdaze and what a great track !