Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Markus Enochson - No Stopping This (Feat. Masaya)

Three tracks here from Markus Enochson's overlooked 'Night Games' LP that came out on Sonar Kollektiv last year. Overall their are a couple of duffers on the LP but the six/seven stand out cuts more than make up for the rest. Very much a soulful 80's electronic house vibe going on throughout. Admittedly kinda 'poppy' sounding in some cases but that isn't always such a bad thing.

Markus Enochson - No Stopping This (Feat. Masaya)

Markus Enochson - Day & Night (Feat. James Ingram)

Markus Enochson - Hear Me (Feat. Caroline)

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steffi said...

I strongly disagree my friend.Markus's Night Games is one I return to often.I spin his tunes constantly.People are always asking me "Who TF is that..?!?! I am always finding this response to his original tunes here in NYC.He is one of my very fav artists,whether it is his remix work or his Original stuff.
Cheers from NYC.

Stef (DJ Golden-I) NYC