Sunday, 5 August 2007

Mutt vs. Davis James Promo Mix 2007

A really nice little 30 min drum & bass mix Ive been enjoying recently which has a summertime vibe to it. Heres what the press release has to say about it: 'This isn’t an ordinary drum n bass mix, it is the combination of some classic liquid funk soul as well as live instrumentation courtesy of Davis James. Featuring James’ jazzy keyboard and guitar work over soulful drum n bass. These two artists have come together to combine live instrumentation and dj’ing, merging them together into one.'

1. Mutt - Advance Money (Davis James RMX) - Breakbeat Science
2. Artificial Intelligence - Switch Off - Commercial Suicide
3. Logistics - Together - Hospital Records
4. Mutt - The Same We Always feel - Renegade Recordings
5. D.Kay - Serenade - Brigand
6. Klute - Now, Always and Forever (Calibre RMX) - Commercial
7. Alix Perez and Sabre - Solitary Native

Mutt vs. Davis James Promo Mix 2007

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