Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Andre 3000 - Whole Foods LP

Been listening to this a lot recently. A wicked unofficial bootleg compilation of old & new Andre 3000 tracks/verses/productions. It's not even an official release but in my opinion is still one of the best releases of the year. His productions & lyrical flow/lyrics are just so good. You can hear the influence of other music genres, especially electronic Squarepusher type stuff, in his productions. Here he is even talking about his love of Squarepusher in a recent BBC Culture Show piece (Click here) . Anyway, I highly recommend this LP, a superb retrospective of one of the most talented musicians around. Download Here (Tracklisting In Comments Below)

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dark jazzor said...

1. Introduction (Feat.Society of Soul) 01:43
02. International player 01:13
03. What A Job Is 01:37
04. Everybody 01:51
05. You (Remix) 00:59
06. Throw Some D`s (Remix) 01:00
07. Walk It Out (Remix) 01:26
08. A life In A Day of Benjamin 04:42
09. long Way To Go (Feat.Gwen Stefani) 04:17
10. millionaire (Feat. Kelis) 03:44
11. She Lives In My Lap (Feat. Rosario Dawson) 04:25
12. Prototype 05:21
13. Pink And Blue 04:44
14. Chronomentrophobia 02:11
15. Greatist Show On Earth (Feat. Macy Gray) 03:07
16. Boogie Man (Feat. Big Gipp) 03:00
17. Nectarine (Feat. Cherokee) 03:49
18. Junglebook (Feat. Esthero) 04:35
19. Trans Df Express 00:58
20. Spottieottiedogaliscious (Feat. Big Boi) 07:05
21. Liberation (Feat. Erykah Badu, Cee-Lo And Big Boi)...
22. Humble Mumble (Feat. Big Boi And Eryhah Badu) 0...
23. So Fresh, So Clean (Feat. Sleepy Brown And Big Boi)