Saturday, 15 March 2008

VA - Romanian Jazz

Whilst I'm posting the Polish one, heres another great comp in the series. “As if by magic, Jazzanova, Stephan Steigleder and Khidja from Bukarest, Romania, found an unexplored record archive in the east, called Electrecord. None of the names here ring any bell with the average amateur jazz fan, but of course it sounds great. The overall sound is a cocktail of American jazz with a Balkan blend. I'd say it's one of the best jazz compilations on Sonar Kollektiv yet.” Courtesy of

01 Guido Manusardi -Blues for Vali
02 Johnny Raducanu - Blues Minor
03 Orchestra Universitatii de Jazz din Illinois - Latino
04 Guido Manusardi - Arriving Song
05 Johnny Raducanu - Balada
06 Aura Urziceanu - Iarna, iarna
07 Paul Weiner Quartet - Colinda P
08 Marius Popp - Xybaba
09 Aura Urziceanu - Nu-mi cere sa Cint
10 Vocal Jazz Quartet - Cercuri

pass: simplygoodmusic


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Buchwald said...

the compilation is just amaising! thanks for the post. I've been looking for this, for some time

iordache said...

Hello. Nice blog. Since you are interested in Romanian jazz, you might want to check out my new album, One Life Left It has been reviewed on Jazz Music Archives here:

Cheers, Iordache

P.S. Marius Popp has been my jazz teacher, back in the 80's