Wednesday, 12 December 2007

VA - Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi Compiled By Andrew Weatherall

Something slightly different to the usual stuff I've been posting on here recently. Mixed entirely on vinyl, legendary DJ/Producer/Remixer Andrew Weatherall has produced one of the best compilations of 2007 and one that took me completely by surprise. The mix is basically a musical journey through genres such as northwest grease, punk and rock n roll to sixties psychadelica, post-punk and hard rock. Weatherall has looked back to classics from the 50’s and 60’s and has mixed these with more obscure numbers from the same generation such as the opening track, ‘Rock n Roll Radio’ from Joe Boot and The Fabulous Winds. Progressing through the decades, there are some esoteric classics and exclusives from T Rex, Primal Scream and The Fall as the mix kicks up a more punky attitude. Admittedly I was not that familiar with a lot of the stuff on this comp before I listened to it but it has definitely opened my ears up to a whole new world of music which can be only be a good thing. Your highly unlikely to come across another CD like this all year and I throughly recommended you try to purchase it if you like what you hear.

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Richard Colossus said...

This record sounds incredibly intriguing. If you could re-upload it, I would definitely appreciate it.

I got that Romanian Jazz yesterday and the Polish Jazz the day before...sick...just sick.