Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Theo Parrish - Sound Sculptures Vol 1

Along with the Burial LP, this is definitely my other most listened to LP of the year. Inspirations such as Chicago & Detroit electronic music, soul music etc are clearly recognisable, but the way it's worked and moulded into his own Theo sound/style is what really impresses. You'll find tracks like 'Second Changes' or the amazing 'They Say' (both featuring vocals from Monicablaire) or 'Soul Control', that have echoes of work once released under 'The Rotating Assembly'. Furthermore there's the hardhitting 'Synthetic Flaem' very much on a minimal chicago tip, tracks like 'Galactic Traffic' & 'Friskie Biscuits' that have the signature offbeat programming and 'The Rink' which just screams Detroit Soul. Deep, soulful music which I can't recommend highly enough. A Simply Good Music Classic.

pass: simplygoodmusic


Inta said...

hi there,

it's asking me for password encryption file before I uncompress the files. any clues?

dark jazzor said...

hi inta, the password should be simplygoodmusic without any spaces. hope that works for you.

Inta said...

nice one! thanks it worked :)

Anonymous said...

Any chance of reupping this rub?

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