Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Abd Al Malik - Gibraltar

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts and file server problems I've been having recently. If you'd like anything in particular re-upped, please leave a comment and I shall see what I can do. Back to the music, this is an LP from 2006 but which I've only recently discovered and been listening to a lot. I had never heard of the French rapper Abd Al Malik before but on the basis of this LP, I will definitely be doing some more digging on him. The LP is a very original mixture of hip-hop, jazz, slam poetry and French philosophy which is reminiscent of some of MC Solaar's best works. The LP also won a 'Victoire de la Musique' award in France which I'm led to believe is similar to the Mercury Music Prize we have over here. A really solid LP that I was very pleasantly surprised by and highly recommend to everyone.

pass: simplygoodmusic

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