Tuesday, 16 October 2007

A Mountain Of One - Collected Works

Timeless, beautiful music probably best describes this album. Very hard to describe musically and as you have probably already guessed I'm not too great at describing LP's either. Think of a mixture of the best bits of Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Air, Talk Talk, Arthur Russell, Santana and Midlake and your getting kind of close. Best probably to just listen for yourselves. Drugged out balearic prog-rock maybe? An essential album.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2
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Anonymous said...

Hi, mate! Part1 is downloaded successfuly, and P2 is removed :(
Could you reup, please?

Anonymous said...

Part 2 is okay, but Part 1 missing :((

Anonymous said...


only 7 years later I stumpled upon that group and upon Your blog. Would You please be so kind to reupp that nice disc?
Thank You very much.