Sunday, 14 October 2007

Little Dragon - Little Dragon

I didn't give this LP much time on first listen and disregarded it as a bit boring. Like most albums to which I do this to though, it has slowly grown on me to now become one of my favourites of 2007. Little Dragon are four friends from Sweden who produce/play quirky, sparse and genre defying music based around Yukimi Nagano's (of Koop/Swell Session/Hird fame) eerie yet heartfelt tones. Jazzy electronic future soul sums up the tone of the LP well. Out on the ever excellent Peacefrog records, it comes highly recommended. They are also supposed to be great live.

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Anonymous said...

Thankls for all the great posts - lots of good tunes that are well worth hunting down. Any chance you could post a new download link for Little Dragon. Thanks Howard