Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Veedon Fleece

Van Morrsion - You Don't Pull No Punches, But You Don't Push The River (1974)

Can't stop playing this again. The whole LP in fact. Timeless emotive music


stephen said...

Good call Dark Jazzor. Astral Weeks or this are my favourite Van Morrison albums. Thanks for reminding me to dig it out again when I get home tonight. Such a great track. Peace

Anonymous said...

anyone got any van morrison re-edits then? ;)

Buscón said...

absolutely briliant, thanks for this one.

darkjazzor said...

Glad people are enjoying it. I think Veedon Fleece is my personal favourite although Astral Weeks is also an amazing album not far behind. I like this comment from an old John Kennedy review of it:

"Veedon Fleece is a poet's album, a jazz lover's album, a masterpiece of soul-singing, a blue and green journey into the places of the heart that were first opened up for dowsing with Astral Weeks. Baudelaire said, "we can call 'beautiful' only that which suggests the existence of an ideal order; supra-terrestrial, harmonious and logical that yet bears within itself, like the brand of an original sin, the drop of poison, the rogue element of incoherence, the grain of sand that will foul up the entire system." This album contains all of Baudelaire's definition of beauty. "