Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sun (day)


Arash. said...

dig your ups. check out mine

imunderpressure said...

thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

dj kaos track is my new summer anthem. thanks for posting!

JackRamon said...

17 or more years after "Chief Inspector", "Mambo", etc. keyboard wizard Wally Badarou (ex Level 42) comes back to music with "Fisherman", a 15 minutes funk instrumental that he sells directly from his website using the avant-garde GetJuke technology.

"Fisherman" is the first extract from an upcoming trilogy that Wally wishes to unveil to the public "song by song" before releasing it under a physical format.

JackRamon said...

Hello, since you seem to be a major fan of Wally Badarou, please be informed that Wally has now decided to sell his music - the 2010 Opus "in Progress", "The Unammed Trilogy" directly to his fans.

To support this initiative, we suggest you embed in your blog a widget picked at Wally Badarou on GetJuke

By advance and in Wally's name, we thank you for your help that will be mentionned inside the physical release of "The Unnamed Trilogy".

The GetJuke Team