Tuesday, 6 January 2009

VA - Teutonik Disaster

"Just like Kraut-Rock stemmed from an appreciation of anglo-saxon music allied with the will to translate it into a Germanised environment, there seems to have been a no-wave German scene, spawn from some sort of Teutonik Disaster, and necessarily something different and maladjusted when compared to the original NYC blueprint. Gomma artist Munk here compiles the most thrilling cuts, and am quite confident for many of the most knowledgeable heads completely unknown classics. The tracklisting showcases a similar evolution as that of NYC and from no-rock to early Electro styles, it's a pure pleasure to immerse oneself's into tongue in cheek stormers - Schalaraffenland-, dancefloor stompers - Lover's Walkmen- and of course complete nutcases - Gilda, Steril, Musik Musik Musik. Dat comp's consistency is simply impressive." Thanks to Tigersushi for the review.

01 Explorer - Yellow Power
02 Exkurs - Fakten Sind Terror
03 Carmen - Schlaraffenland
04 Scala - Irrsinn In Dub
05 BBB - Tag (Munk Edit)
06 The Tanzdiele - MusikMusikMusik
07 Schwarze Bewegung - Traumfrau
08 Exkurs - Steril
09 Reifenstahl - Je T'air (Ich Dich Luft)
10 Explorer - Rabbits
11 Klick - Blauer Lumumba
12 Ampilla's Delight - Lover's Walkman
13 Reiz Des Neuen - Gilda
14 50 Tabletten - Am Abend Im Land Der Träume
15 Exkurs - Natur
16 Geisterfharer - Blumen
17 Mustery
18 Mythen In Tuten - Tortellini

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Anonymous said...

This mix is really good!!

george said...

reupload it please!

Anonymous said...

hey can you please please re-upload teutonik disaster? thank you