Thursday, 4 December 2008

Womack & Womack

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, more comps coming soon. Been listening to a lot of Womack & Womack this week for some reason, especially the 'Conscience' LP. Such a great record. Ended up digging out a few more bits & pieces whilst I was at it so might as well share them. Most people probably already have these in some shape or form but here they anyway. Certified SGM classics.

Womack & Womack - Conscience Of My Conscience

Bobby Womack - Inherit The Wind (Revenge Rework)

Womack & Womack - Life Is Just A Ballgame (Ballroom Remix)

Womack & Womack - Baby I'm Scared Of You (Mark E Edit)

Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street

Bobby Womack - Thats The Way I Feel About Cha

Bobby Womack - How Could You Break My Heart

Womack & Womack - Missing Persons Bureau (Folk Version)


AIS-T said...

same here! been listening to the mark e edit + conscious of my conscience a lot lately.. such d0pe tracks, especially the latter which i love to blend in with deep soulful house/techno numbers.

Anonymous said...

Nice Tunes. Nice Blog! Thank you.