Sunday, 14 December 2008

VA - DJ Harvey Presents Moonshadow

I'm hoping a few of you knowledgable readers will be able to help. Both these mixes I've had lying about for a while, ones just got 'Moon Shadow Part One' written on it whereas the other 'More Moonshadow'. Am I right in thinking their were quite a few more mixes in the Moon Shadow series? If anyone has more info, tracklistings, links to the others in the series or can confirm these are by Harvey even, would be appreciated. Both great selections whoever compiled them.

VA - DJ Harvey Presents Moonshadow Part One
VA - DJ Harvey Presents More Moonshadow
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james stacher said...

Good stuff! Only gave these a quick listen at work today, so didnt pay to close attention, but recognized William Pitt's City Lights as track 13 on More Moonshadow. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, my educated guess will be that those sets were probably recorded live at Moonshadows in Malibu CA where Harvey played quite a few times in the past ... here is the site

maybe it still has some info on it ...


Alex Clark said...

On Moonshadow 2

Track 1) Wally Badarou - Novela Das Nove
Track 2) Finitribe - 101.93

Thats all I have for now

keep the blog coming mate

T said...

I'm getting a password request on my Mac when I try to open the file? Is there a password that I'm missing?

Anonymous said...

pass: simplygoodmusic

Anonymous said...

Moonshadows' only redeeming qualities, in my book, are that it a)overlooks the Pacific Ocean
b)had Harvey there for a residency late last summer, which is indeed probably what this mix is from.

Dr Love said...

There are four Moonshadow discs that I know of compiled by Harvey.
They where done for a private birthaday party for the owner of the Moonshadows bar/resturant

The other two are shorter with 9 tracks on disc 3 & 7 on disc 4

Hope this helps

Dr Love said...

some more names for Moonshadow 2
3 The Groupies,
6 The Congos,
8 Steve Miller Band,
11 Kool And The Gang,
13 William Pitt

Can anyone fill in the blanks ?

Chungaiz said...

I'm having trouble getting the link to work. If it's still elgit, I'm sure my computer will sort itself out soon. If it's not, would you mind re-hosting it please?

Nice one!

portabubblejoan said...

DJ Harvey - Moon Shadow Part One

01 -
02 -
03 - Maynard Ferguson - Swamp
04 - Wally Badarou - Mambo
05 - Mandre - I Like Your Freaky Way
06 - Mandre - Fair Game
07 - Mandre - Code Name
08 - Pat Metheny - Au Lait
09 -
10 -
11 - Big World - Morning Light
12 - Strange Cargo - Via Calente
13 - Doctor Rockit - Cafe De Flore (Charles Webster Mix)
14 - Chilled by Nature - Go Forward
15 - Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

DJ Harvey - Moon Shadow Part Two

01 - Wally Badorou - Novela Das Nove (Spider Woman)
02 - Caia - La Telecabine
03 - Jaffa - Do It Again
04 -
05 - Jah Wobble - Hold on to your Dreams
06 - The Congos - Congoman
07 -
08 - Steve Miller Band - Wild Mountain Honey
09 -
10 -
11 - Kool & The Gang - Summer Madness
12 -
13 - William Pitt - City Lights
14 -
15 –

can anyone name the track for moonshadow 3 and part 4 ? cheers.

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Ira said...

I have created and new interpretation of the first moonshadow mix at