Monday, 11 April 2011



One of my favourite labels (based on only 4 releases so far) finally comes to London. Every release has been a killer and judging by previous parties this should be just as good. As an added bonus the below will be available to buy as a single sided handwritten 7inch (150 copies only - no repress). Tickets here.

MLIU05 Special Label Party in London by Underground Paris

Big up Jeremy.

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d said...

just bought my ticket.dunno if its just me but noticed the 90's house sound revival starting towards end of last year, latest joy orbison, ramadanman, bremnar, blawa, braille et al productions are all def keeping it going. noticed the move away from the sparser garagey type james blakey type stuff which is starting to sound boring into more soulful, danceable house type sound? anyway i aint complaining, it still sounds fresher than most of the stuff about today imo. see you down camp mate