Sunday, 14 February 2010


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عرفات العلى said...

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent the Merciful
All praise be to Allah Who is the one and only God , He on Whom we depend ,He begets not , nor is He begoten , and none is like Him .
Islam , the last revealation from Allah is based on five pillars that form the basic foundation of Islam :-
1- Shahadah, astatement professing monotheism by testifying that there is no God worthy of worshiping but Allah and Mohammad ( peace be upon him ) is the messenger of Allah .
2- Salat (Prayers), a muslim prays five times aday at certain set time for each prayer . While praying amuslim stand before his creator thanking Him and asking Him for forgiveness and guidance .
3- Zakat , it is paying charity on accumulate wealth and is paid by the rich to the poor.
4-Sawm (Fasting), It is withholding from eating , drinking, and sexual activities from sun up to sun down and is done for the whole month of Ramadan . Fasting is obligatory on every muslim who is of age and physically able to fast
5- Hajj (Pilgremage) , It is visiting thi holy city of Mecca and performing the rituals of Hajj, Hajj is obligatory on every able (physically and financially) and should be done at least once in a life time .
The similarties between Islam and Christianity are vast but one major differance is the way we believe in Jesus . Muslims believe in Jesus as a messenger from Allah ( not as the son of God ) and the Holy Quran states that He was created from dirt as Adam was ,Allah created Adam without amale or female , Eve from amale without female , and created Jesus from afemale without amale , The rest of humanity were created , from amale and female and were made into different races and tribes to meet and live together in peace.
This is abrief summary of the Islamic faith and is meant to educate and promote understanding , May Allah accept and lead us to the righteous path .