Friday, 31 October 2008

VA - Voyage: Facing The History of French Modern Psychedelic Music

An excellent compilation that provides a great insight into the psych scene over in Paris (and beyond), covering a number of styles, from really heavy, feedback-laden acid rock, to Stooges-style acid-punk, droning Velvet Underground (or Suicide) style pieces to psychedelic string section-lead songs. Hadn't heard of most of the bands on here before but will be delving deeper, as well as checking more stuff out by the excellent Turzi who compiled it.

01 One Switch To Collison - Smokes
02 Lisa Li Lund - Heavy Horses
03 Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Ready To Fly
04 Koudlam - I Was Down
05 Service - The Dog
06 Juan Trip - High America
07 Butch Mc Koy - Sin
08 Chicros - New Orleans
09 Mogadishow - Mantra I
10 Kill For Total Peace - Psychopedestrian
11 Musikasphaera - Beware
12 Turzi - Tremolo Army
13 Ulysse - The Countess's Smiles
14 Etienne Jaumet - Doudouk
15 Rob - Improvisation

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Anonymous said...

hey this one was awesome... could u suggest a few other compilations on your site similar to this one?

cybernaut said...

excellent stuff

tom said...

It's been a while but I couldn't find it elsewhere on the web, would it be possible to re-upload it, please ?
In advance, thank you