Saturday, 14 June 2008

VA - Palatine: The Factory Story 1979-1990

To cut a long story short, after hearing the below track again recently and being blown away at how good it still sounds, I ended up delving into my collection and re-discovering this superb compilation. Half way through uploading the first disc I did a quick search and lo & behold, someone else has already posted it which saves me a lot of time & energy. Lazy shit I hear you say. You'd be right. Apologies to the author of the blog I'm linking to but I'm sure he/she won't mind. This is a brilliant retrospective of one of the greatest record labels of all time. For the very few who may never have come across or heard of Factory Records before, check the info link.
Link to Download

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André Procópio said...

Realy great songs in this 4 albuns.
I Love the Manchester scene in 70's and 80's. A lot of amazing bands!!