Sunday, 20 January 2008

VA - Les Disque Du Crepuscule: From Brussels With Love

I cannot write a review good enough for this LP so heres a stolen one from Boomkat which comes close to describing what a stunning collection of work this is, definately one more for the classical, electronic, ambient, abstract fans out there but I would recommend it to every good music lover since it's such beautiful, timeless music. 'This really is a treat - a brand new re-mastered edition of one of the most elusive, sought-after compilations of all time. I know I have a habit of banging on about how rubbish compilations are (and for the most part, they really are) but occasionally there are one or two which really catch my ear. This isn't one of those occasional compilations either, this particular one is a 'once in a lifetime' affair, the sort of compilation which absolutely never comes to life anymore - it has everything you could possibly ask for. Firstly, every track is a winner... yep no matter what sort of music you're interested in, you have no grounds for criticising one moment on this record, secondly it's all exclusive material. For some reason, the label managed to secure not only a gang of interested (and interesting) artists but managed to procure great material out of them, great exclusive material - something almost unheard of. Thirdly, and one might say most importantly, this is supremely varied with tracks ranging from modern classical to new wave with room in the middle for a couple of 'ambient' interviews. Rarely (especially in 1980 when the comp was originally released on limited edition cassette) do collections of work come this varied and work so perfectly - in fact this sounds like the sort of cd a rabid muso friend might make for you after hours of long, hard thought. The sort of cd you'd listen to and think 'wow this is musical perfection but it would never be released, it's way too risky'. It took Belgian label 'Les Disques du Crepuscule' to actually muster up the courage to put something like this together, and with connections to Manchester's Factory label and also to influential composer Wim Mertens they managed to reign in an unusually large and bizarre sphere of influence. Where else would you be able to hear Gavin Bryars, Harold Budd and Michael Nyman next to Durutti Column, New Order (appearing here with a totally exclusive track, which has never appeared on other collections), Bill Nelson, Belgian no-wavers The Names and Joy Division super-producer Martin Hannett? 'From Brussels with Love' is the most wonderful of things, a disc packed with ideas so fresh and so groundbreaking that they still sound life-changing even today - and without a doubt is the perfect introduction to a label which would influence so many of today's classic independents. To put it simply, this is a music collector's wet dream and one of the most seminal, inspired compilations of all time. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!' Courtesy of Boomkat

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Matthias said...

man, your blog shows you have great taste!
This "obscure" 'From Brussels With Love' is one of my favourite compilations. It has a remarkable tracklist: post-punk and (neo-)classical and even poetry and interviews!
The album cover also fits the atmosphere perfectly.
My favourite featered tracks are 'Stranger' by Repetition, and 'Haystack' by the (very) early formation of New Order...

Continue spreading the word about albums like these ;)
But people, try to track it down and buy it please :)